Immunity Challenge #5

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Immunity Challenge #5 Empty Immunity Challenge #5

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:48 am

You have joined room: Immunity
Welcome to our live chat room!
Jeff_Probst: ...
Wallace has joined.
Roger has joined.
Roger: Wow... Black!
Jeff_Probst: I believe this is at Taro's suggestion.
Taro has joined.
alice has joined.
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Kiyle: wtf
Kiyle: so black
Felicity has joined.
Jeff_Probst: Taro's suggestion
Jeff_Probst: I aim to humor you all
Taro: i prefer it better then that awful red
Taro: from yesterday
Jeff_Probst: Ouch. Burn. That hurts Taro.
Taro: sorry jeff
alice: i prefer regular
Jeff_Probst: We begin in four minutes. I advise that everyone be ready for screenshots.
Taro: have to call it how it is, lol
alice: how do u do screenshots??
Jeff_Probst: See the "Immunity Challenge #3" thread for a "how-to"
Jeff_Probst: Simple stuff.
Jeff_Probst: =]
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Kiyle: sorry
Jeff_Probst: 6 of the ten of you show up for immunity. Interesting...
Jeff_Probst: Zayden, Niel, Betsy and Diane again.
Taro: well there r 3 people who really never show up to challenges
Jeff_Probst: Note: Diane has a penalty vote for missing too many challenges in a row without letting me know ahead of time.
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Kiyle: i swear to *Hate Speech*
Roger: Is it a self-vote?
Jeff_Probst: The other 3 at least let me know ahead of time
Jeff_Probst: The penalty vote applies for the tribal after tonight.
Kiyle: wait huh whats going on
Jeff_Probst: Diane has a penalty vote next tribal
Jeff_Probst: It'd be tonight but I want to give everyone adequate time to strategize with that variable in the picture.
Kiyle: y
Jeff_Probst: Niel, Betsy and Zayden would have no time so I won't invoke it tonight.
Jeff_Probst: Missing too many challenges without letting me know ahead of time.
Jeff_Probst: Alice, have you figured it out yet? Can we begin?
alice: i think so
alice: will we need to upload?
Jeff_Probst: Yes, to your confessional.
alice has left.
Jeff_Probst: We begin in 3 mins.
Jeff_Probst: This is merely to wait for Alice, whereever she went.
alice has joined.
alice: have u posted the rules?
Jeff_Probst: Nope.
Jeff_Probst: We waited for you.
alice: ok
Jeff_Probst: We begin in 30 secs.
alice has left.
Felicity: jeeze...
Jeff_Probst: We will not wait again.
Kiyle: pwnt
Wallace: looks like someone won't get an invite to All-Stars...
Jeff_Probst: True.
Taro: i thins its her internet connection thats messed up
Jeff_Probst: I already have a few picks of the group of you if I did a few more games.
Jeff_Probst: There are 3 or 4 really great players here...Well, for an online game.
Jeff_Probst: Anyway, I will begin discussing the rules.
Jeff_Probst: Alice or no-Alice, we will begin because its fair to everyone elses schedule.
Jeff_Probst: Tonight we will be playing another great flash game.
Jeff_Probst: All of you competed in the game of disorientation so I assume you all have decent Java
Jeff_Probst: Basically same rules.
Jeff_Probst: However we aren't competing in teams so things are a little different.
Jeff_Probst: To adjust for computer speeds and such I will examine the first 3 scores submitted.
Jeff_Probst: You will play the game, take a screenshot featuring the game and part of your desktop/Survivor Malawi
Jeff_Probst: post it in your confessional.
Jeff_Probst: The first three people to post the completed game I will look at and examine for immunity
Jeff_Probst: The person with the fastest time will win.
Jeff_Probst: It is a numbers-esque game
Jeff_Probst: and goes from exceedingly easy to frustratingly tedious at the end.
Jeff_Probst: it should take no more than 15 minutes however.
Jeff_Probst: Either way, first three submitted=first three looked at
Jeff_Probst: Questions.
Jeff_Probst: Anyone?
Jeff_Probst: Are we all ready to begin?
Roger: yes
Wallace: yeah
Felicity: yeees!
Taro: yes
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle?
Jeff_Probst: Whatever...
Jeff_Probst: Here we go. Complete this game.
alice has joined.
Jeff_Probst: Alice complete this game
Jeff_Probst: take a screenshot when you win and post it to your confessional
Jeff_Probst: you are still in this
Jeff_Probst: we started 3 seconds ago
Jeff_Probst: I won. So I expect ya'll will start coming in with those scores. I've been excited to do this challenge since I found this game. My first score=14 mins but I am now scoring 3 mins! WHOO!
Kiyle: jeff probst i want a new buff
Jeff_Probst: Why?
Kiyle: i dont have one?
Jeff_Probst: The new Lombuka buff pic
Jeff_Probst: Nobody has submitted a screenshot yet! You are all in this!
Kiyle: hurry ppl!
Roger: lol
Jeff_Probst: Felicity submits hers! Two more people can get in this!
Jeff_Probst: She may be first but she may not be the best.
Wallace: whats last level?
Jeff_Probst: 15.
Jeff_Probst: 14 is the hardest.
Roger: that last one is tough
Kiyle: im not even doing this challenge alol
alice: this is so hard
Jeff_Probst: Yep! Its an immunity!
alice: im on 14 and it sucks
Taro: still 1 spot left?
Roger: got it
Jeff_Probst: I still only have Felicity's screenshot.
Roger: 15 is the worst of all
Roger: now mine too
Jeff_Probst: ONE SPOT LEFT!
alice: i cant do this
alice: i give up
alice: i had one left in 14 and i missed
Roger: just let Felicity win, jeff
Jeff_Probst: I need three scores
Taro: uploaded
Jeff_Probst: Alright! Immunity announcements.
Jeff_Probst: With a time of 20:08 seconds. Taro gets 3rd.
Jeff_Probst: And between Roger and Felicity...
Jeff_Probst: Felicity wins with a time of 10:23 compared to Roger's 16:04
Felicity: Woohoo! =]
Roger: Congrats Felicity!!
Jeff_Probst: Tribal in 10 mins or so.
Taro: job well done
Jeff_Probst: Head back to camp.
Taro: ok
Wallace: dang...thats fast. nice job!
Kiyle: kk
Kiyle has left.
Wallace has left.
Felicity has left.
Jeff_Probst: Everyone
Roger has left.
Jeff_Probst: Leave
Taro has left.

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