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Lombuka Tribal Council #3 Empty Lombuka Tribal Council #3

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alice: absolutley!
alice: but you know thats what you have to do in this game
Jeff_Probst: Who is the hardest person to trust in this entire game?
alice: thats a tough question jeff!
alice: I like to take it day by day but right now I can honestly say that the person I trust the least will probably be who I vote for tonight
Jeff_Probst: No names?
alice: i cant jeff. sorry
alice: its a game
Jeff_Probst: Who here is willing to give me a name?
Taro: me or wallace
Taro: she's targeting either me or wallace
Jeff_Probst: Why do you think that? Do you not get along with Alice?
Taro: i actually get along fine with alice its just that
Taro: i think their may be a plan set in motion to exterminate tombuka, that worrys me
Taro: but on a personal level I actually like alice
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, does Alice have a chance in hell at winning this?
Wallace: Of course she does.
Wallace: just because she got voted out, doesn't mean she is not a threat. there are a lot of people who really aren't even active. I think she has a chance over them,
Jeff_Probst: Have you promised anyone jury votes?
Wallace: lol. its probably a little early for that.
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle, you have yet to be targeted.
Jeff_Probst: Do you think you have a superior social game and strategic game than the others?
Kiyle: ^__^
Kiyle: im just a nice person to everyone, i talk to people like how hey you doing where you workk and i dont discuss just strategy, i treat people here like people not chess pieces and as for the strategic g
Kiyle: lol where did it cut off?
Jeff_Probst: Strategic G
Kiyle: game well.. I try to keep myself in the best position and not piss anyone off
Jeff_Probst: Keep responses at a three sentence length
Jeff_Probst: Roger, do you think Kiyle is coasting through the game?
Roger: Coasting meaning?
Roger: sorry!
Roger: English isn't my first language
Jeff_Probst: Um, getting through the game without doing much to deserve it
Roger: No, at all. Kiyle is a very good player. This game is more than a stratefy and I think he masters all parts of this game.
Jeff_Probst: So Kiyle, does it worry you that you are seen as a "master?"
Kiyle: yea it does worry me but idk, i just take this game day by day and i guess thats how im able to do what i do without being a target
Jeff_Probst: Betsy, who is going home tonight?
Jeff_Probst: I b think dat 1 of those lomwe beyotches r so b blindzsided 2nite
Jeff_Probst: Do you dislike them?
Jeff_Probst: i hate phil! he a twat!

Jeff_Probst: What about the idol Betsy?
Jeff_Probst: i fuxckin b thinkin dat felicity-sexay gotz it
Jeff_Probst: Going back, is there anyone you dislike? Anyone you voted against perhaps?
Jeff_Probst: i dun voted fo alice last tribal cuz she a goth-faced beyotch!
Felicity: omg... haha
Jeff_Probst: (just wanted to go through Betsy's responses)
Jeff_Probst: So Alice, knowing Betsy voted for you, what does that do?
alice: i have no clue. I haven't been able to talk to her once so its out of my control
alice: pretty much
Jeff_Probst: Taro, do the images you were given before the game have an effect on your thoughts of others?
Taro: definately, its classic a "stanford prison type experiment" where ' perception of others is highly influenced by the way they appear to others
Taro: people may even come to assume the identity of the charater they have as an image
Jeff_Probst: Roger, the past few votes have all been surprises. Will someone be surprised tonight?
Roger: I hope not. It could be, but I think the the wiser choice would be to stick with what we are waiting for. I hope everybody understands that.
Jeff_Probst: With that, we can get to the vote. Short tribal, I know. However Jeff did get more personal tonight and will continue to do so as the game goes on.
Jeff_Probst: I'll leave you with a small dose tonight.
Jeff_Probst: You know how it works.
Jeff_Probst: Send your votes.
Jeff_Probst: Felicity asked I remind you all she won immunity.
Kiyle: lol
alice: lol
Felicity: haha oh boy...
alice: whyd u do that lol?
Jeff_Probst: Alice, and Wallace. I need your votes.
Roger: Wallace, your vote isn't for me.
Roger: lol
Roger: thanks
Jeff_Probst: Tribal Council IS a place to air dirty laundry.
Roger: whatever
Jeff_Probst: I'll tally the votes.
Kiyle: well in that case I just passed gas
Jeff_Probst: All right, once the votes are read, that person will be sent to Redemption Island and have a chance to get in the game.
Jeff_Probst: RI challenge will be tomorrow at 8CST.
Jeff_Probst: That means right after Survivor the tv show airs.
Jeff_Probst: I'll read the votes
Jeff_Probst: First vote: Zayden
Jeff_Probst: Next Vote: Taro
Jeff_Probst: Next Vote: Roger
Jeff_Probst: Next Vote: Wallace
Jeff_Probst: Thats 1 vote: Zayden, Taro, Roger, Wallace
Jeff_Probst: Next Vote: Wallace
Jeff_Probst: Roger
Jeff_Probst: Roger
Jeff_Probst: 3 votes Roger. 2 Votes Wallace. 1 Vote Taro. 1 Vote Zayden. 2 votes left
Jeff_Probst: Roger
Roger: goodbye guys
Jeff_Probst: The newest person to be voted out of Survivor Malawi is ROGER.
Roger: that really sucks
Roger: Felicity I trusted you.;
Roger: I really did
Jeff_Probst: Roger you will have a chance to get back in this game.
Felicity: what makes you think that was me??
Roger: I believed you, you are such a liar
Roger: lol
Roger: you are a liar
Roger: what the hell.
Felicity: oh jeeze
Roger: Can't wait to see you at RI
Roger: bi***
Felicity: in your dreams
Roger: And I usually don't use that word
Roger: lol
Roger: SOOOO powerful
Roger: ready to turn on an ally
Roger: in seconds
Felicity: the plan wouldn't have changed if you didn't throw your closest ally under the bus
Roger: I did not
Felicity: alice?
Felicity: really?
Roger: Idiot
Roger: Haha
Felicity: that' interesting...
Roger: I trust Alice too
Roger: And I think she trusts me
Roger: I did want to go far with you
Felicity: why, cause once you voted her out there would be nothing she could do?
Roger: both
Felicity: and kiyle right?
Roger: I did not vote her out!
Roger: What the hell!
Felicity: cause that's what you told me
Roger: Kiyle is a good guy
Felicity: so al of us were going to be in the final two with you?
Felicity: damn
Roger: Lol
Felicity: ill have to lose some weight if ypou come back
Roger: I didn't plan my F2
Felicity: idk if we'll all fit
Roger: I went with the flow!
Roger: We WHO IS YOUR F2?
Felicity has left.
Kiyle: dang this was interesting
Jeff_Probst: You all can head back to camp.
Jeff_Probst: Tribal was fun tonight.
Roger: Not Betsy, Kiyle, Alice, and Zayden PLUS Niel/Diane, that's for sure
Jeff_Probst: I expect more like this.
Jeff_Probst: Just remember...
Roger: I hate you Felicity
Jeff_Probst: Sometimes when you play a game like this
Jeff_Probst: Things get scrambled when they travel word of mouth.
Roger: Good luck for jury votes
Jeff_Probst: Goodnight guys.
Roger: You will not win Felicity
Roger: Good luck for the others
alice: gl at RI
Roger: All of you
Roger: Really
Roger: thanks girl, I appreciate it!
Roger: Bye guys, I like you all, no matter what FELICITY might say, I really do.
Jeff_Probst: head back to camp everyone.
Jeff_Probst: Immediately.
Kiyle: k bye
Kiyle has left.
alice: bye
Taro has left.
alice has left.
Wallace has left.
Roger has left.
Jeff_Probst: Fun

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