Immunity Challenge #7

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Immunity Challenge #7 Empty Immunity Challenge #7

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:34 am

You have joined room: Endurance_Challenge
Welcome to our live chat room!
Roger has joined.
Alice has joined.
Alice: hey jeff!
Jeff_Probst: Yes?
Alice: just saying hi lol
Jeff_Probst: Hi
Alice: is that roger here?
Felicity has joined.
Felicity: Heyy!
Alice: hey
Taro has joined.
Taro: hey
Felicity: hey!!
Alice: hey taro!
Kiyle has joined.
Zayden has joined.
Zayden: hello
Wallace has joined.
Jeff_Probst: Alright you all
Jeff_Probst: Here's the scoop. Tonight, we will have have immunity.
Jeff_Probst: In this exact same chat room, the very moment a winner is declared, tribal council will take place.
Zayden: snap
Kiyle: oh boy
Jeff_Probst: Adan btw is your first jury member. Just so all of you know.
Jeff_Probst: Roger is here only to watch.
Jeff_Probst: Do not message him.
Zayden: ok
Kiyle: oh ok thanks jeffy
Alice: ok
Jeff_Probst: So how many of you have figured there would be no endurance challenges because we were on the internet?
Alice: i was wondering....
Zayden: interesting...
Kiyle: i did lol
Jeff_Probst: Well I have always had the Final 3 challenge planned but today, I found a really neat little game that will combine mental strategy with physical endurance.
Zayden: oh boy
Alice: im scared
Jeff_Probst: When I send you the link, you will have until 7:30 to play, and send me a screenshot with your best score.
Jeff_Probst: In your confessional.
Jeff_Probst: There are four ways to play the game.
Zayden: 8:30 EST?
Jeff_Probst: Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Impossible.
Jeff_Probst: Yes, I live in CST so thats why I said that.
Zayden: what's the easiest way to post a piture, again?
Zayden: sorry for all the q's
Jeff_Probst: Tinypic, copy the forum link they give you, paste in your confessional.
Zayden: kk thx
Alice: does it matter what form of the game we do?
Kiyle: i think we should all do easy
Jeff_Probst: Well, heres the strategy part.
Jeff_Probst: If you play on easy, its easy to endure the challenge.
Jeff_Probst: However you only get five points every time you change positions.
Jeff_Probst: Medium=10 points. Plus its a little harder.
Jeff_Probst: Difficult and Impossible also have higher points given for each successful flip of your wrist but it is harder to stay in the game.
Jeff_Probst: Its up to you to determine how you want to rack up YOUR points.
Jeff_Probst: You have until 7:30CST.
Jeff_Probst: On your marks.
Jeff_Probst: Get Set.
Jeff_Probst: Go..
Felicity has left.
Felicity has joined.
Zayden: whew! that sucked
Alice: done!
Kiyle has left.
Kiyle has joined.
Alice has left.
Wallace: everyones should be submitted by now, right?
Jeff_Probst: Yes.
Jeff_Probst: I will announce the scores
Kiyle: waitttt
Kiyle: omg
Taro: its 7:31CST
Kiyle: oh boy im uploading
Kiyle: sorry
Jeff_Probst: Sorry Kiyle.
Kiyle: ah well
Jeff_Probst: Everyone had the same time restraint.
Zayden: that sucks, kiyle, im sorry
Jeff_Probst: I will go from the bottom to the top
Jeff_Probst: With almost 27,000 points....Felicity.
alice has joined.
Jeff_Probst: With approximately 31,000 points.......Alice.
Jeff_Probst: With 96,000 Points....Wallace.
Kiyle: i would have lost anyway lol
Jeff_Probst: And the winner of immunity, with 116,000 points....ZAYDEN!
alice: dang it
Kiyle: golly
alice: gratz zayden!
Kiyle: i got 91k

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