Immunity Challenge #9

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Immunity Challenge #9 Empty Immunity Challenge #9

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:43 am

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Welcome to our live chat room!
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Jeff_Probst: Sorry, my internet went wild
Alice: lol
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Zayden: ok
Jeff_Probst: Could you all resend your votes.
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Jeff_Probst: With three votes. Zayden can not compete for immunity.
Alice: can all of these not be image search because mine is different from the others lol
Jeff_Probst: Yeah I'll change it up
Zayden: ouchies
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Jeff_Probst: So Felicity, Taro, and Alice are still in this.
Jeff_Probst: Next scavenger hunt
Jeff_Probst: What is the caption beneath the "" logo?
Jeff_Probst: google it. i didnt put in that hyperlink
Felicity: amazon groceries
Alice: I don't care who wins, I'm just here for the cheap entertainment.. the cheaper, the better
Jeff_Probst: Alice is safe this round.
Jeff_Probst: Vote again. One person out of this challenge.
Jeff_Probst: Taro and Felicity. One has to go.
Jeff_Probst: Because Taro has to vote for Felicity and Vice Versa, Alice was the only vote that really mattered this round.
Jeff_Probst: Felicity is out of the challenge.
Jeff_Probst: Taro and Felicity.
Alice: sorry
taro: thanks alice
Jeff_Probst: You are the only two left competing for immunity
Zayden: gl in the final round , taro and alice
Alice: thanks
Jeff_Probst: On what does the arrow that points straight to the left say?
taro: upload music
Jeff_Probst: I mean the caption beside the arrow
taro: i dont get it
Jeff_Probst: I'll change the question.
Jeff_Probst: It said "Pretty much everything music related."
Alice: oh i didnt see it :p
taro: i dont see it anywhere
Jeff_Probst: What is todays featured article at Wikipedia?
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Alice: nafaanra
taro: alice wins immunity
<Jeff_Probst> sent sound: applause
Jeff_Probst: Alice wins individual immunity!
Alice: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felicity: good job girl!
Zayden: nice job alice!
Alice: thanks!
taro: good job
Alice: thanks taro
Alice: u did awesome
Jeff_Probst: Tribal in 15?
taro: i suck
Alice: how about now?
Alice: lol
Zayden: im ok with tribal no
Zayden: w
Felicity: I'm fine with now
Jeff_Probst: Well i just worry that perhaps Wallace or Niel planned on being on later.
Jeff_Probst: I figure 8:30 is a halfway meeting point
Jeff_Probst: I guess we can do it now.
Jeff_Probst: I'll make a room in a jiffy.
Alice: ok
Jeff_Probst: See you there in 5ish mins.
Zayden: k

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