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Lombuka Tribal Council #6 Empty Lombuka Tribal Council #6

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Welcome to our live chat room!
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Jeff_Probst: We await Felicity and Taro
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Zayden: hello
Alice: hey
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Jeff_Probst: All right lets begin.
Zayden: ok
Jeff_Probst: First off, Congratulations Alice on your immunity win. You must be very proud?
Alice: I AM!!!
Alice: it's great considering challenges haven't been my strong suit to say the least
Jeff_Probst: Zayden, are you feeling a little claustrophobic in the smaller tribal arena? Additionally, how do you react when jury members come to watch tribal?
Zayden: Well, being watched is always a little eerie. as for the size of the lombuka tribe, its dwindling. It's hard to hdie anymore
Zayden: hide*
Jeff_Probst: Taro, originally you seemed originally frightened this was a tribal divide. The longer you all have been merged I've noticed former Lomwe getting the boot. Would you say
Jeff_Probst: you are partially responsible for this?
taro: tiem has passed
taro: new relationships have been formed
taro: people have made new bonds
taro: its an entirely different game
Jeff_Probst: So you suppose a Tombuka could win the game?
taro: right now there 3/7 odds, nearly 50% chance, i dont see why one of the remaining 3 tombuka couldn't
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, would say former Lomwe is going to run the gambit, or former Tombuka?
Felicity: It's hard to say just because I think we are so far in to the merge that former tribe lines have blurred a bit. Things aren't so black and white like they were at the merge
Jeff_Probst: Zayden, in this same vein, I have to ask if there are any particular persons you believe could end up running the gambit on the whole game?
Zayden: well, sure, its anybody's game
Zayden: kiyle or diane could come back rom redemption and crush all of us
Zayden: someone could go on an immunity streak
Zayden: anything can happen
Jeff_Probst: Alice, has your status as a former RI player concerned you as far as your F2 goals, and if so have you pondered what could happen\
Jeff_Probst: when the next RI returnee comes in?
Alice: at this point like everybody has
Alice: said its all up in the air right now
Alice: i would love to be there in the end but so many things are still unwritten
Jeff_Probst: Taro, is there anyone left who you believe would be undefeatable in Final Tribal Council?
Jeff_Probst: At this current moment. Future mistakes yet unseen
taro: no, there's still a lot of moves to be made before the finals, i think a lot feelings r still going to get hurt before then
Jeff_Probst: Zayden, without giving names. Is there somebody here you believe ABSOLUTELY needs to get going?
Zayden: present currently at this tribal council? no
Jeff_Probst: Fair is fair. Fine answer. Felicity, Yes/No. Someone need to get their ass out of here?
Felicity: Yes
Jeff_Probst: Alice?
Alice: yes
taro: yes
Jeff_Probst: So Taro, it would seem you originally snuck around the direct although vague answer. How hard do you try to keep your thoughts private?
taro: i'l say it again, inactive people need to ge going
taro: their no fun
taro: u cant socialize with them
Zayden: i agree with taro, its not a fun game if people don't talk
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, are you looking forward to a RI returnee, or would you rather they stay out of your life?
Felicity: well, I'm not a big fan or redemption island to begin with (just because of the show),but I'm game for any twists being thrown at us
Felicity: it makes it more fun
Jeff_Probst: Alright, so due to unforseen circumstances we will end tribal with that juicy bit for Kiyle to think about.
Jeff_Probst: Lets vote.
Jeff_Probst: Ok ill tally the votes
Jeff_Probst: First vote: Zayden
Jeff_Probst: NIEL
Jeff_Probst: Betsy
Jeff_Probst: Betsy
Jeff_Probst: Thats 2 Betsy, 1 Niel, 1 Zayden
Jeff_Probst: Last vote....
Jeff_Probst: Niel.
Jeff_Probst: We have a tie.
Jeff_Probst: We must now revote, Betsy and Niel cannot vote.
Jeff_Probst: Go on ahead with it all
Jeff_Probst: I'll go tally the votes
Jeff_Probst: Niel
Jeff_Probst: Niel
Jeff_Probst: ......
Jeff_Probst: ....
Jeff_Probst: Niel
Jeff_Probst: Next person voted out, Niel
Err 3582. Warning! Your actions may prevent further access to the chat room.
Jeff_Probst: Niel has been voted out and will join Diane and Kiyle at RI.

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