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Welcome to our live chat room!
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Felicity: who are all the random ppl?
Jeff_Probst: I am not sure...
Jeff_Probst: Adan and Roger having jury fun perhaps?
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Jeff_Probst: guess not...
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taro: u can log in under multipel names actually
Jeff_Probst: hmmm
Jeff_Probst: Well, I suppose we will hop to it(tribal) regardless of who they are.
Jeff_Probst: Everyone ready?
taro: yes
Jeff_Probst: Others?
Wallace: yup. lets do this.
Alice_is_here: yeppers
Felicity: yep
Jeff_Probst: In the future, when I ask that question: always respond. I don't want to start with only one person's notice.
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, how does it feel to win immunity?
Wallace: feels good. it makes Tribal a lot more...relaxing.
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, I have to ask. Have you been throwing challenges? I know it is possible you haven't, but it did seem in the beginning
Jeff_Probst: there was a lot of pressure on the challenges you were winning
Jeff_Probst: And now others seem to be taking that forefront
Felicity: This challenge I did not throw, I honestly just really stunk at it
Felicity: It wasn't even till my second try I figured out you could empty the bucket haha!
Jeff_Probst: Taro, does it make you feel sketchy when she said she didn't throw "THIS CHALLENGE"
taro: sketchy???
Jeff_Probst: Um...does it make you feel like she has thrown a challenge in the past to mask her potential?
taro: possibly u cant know for sure
taro: i dont really care about that either way
Jeff_Probst: Alice, you said you hated this challenge. Were you in danger and stressing out?
Alice_is_here: no
Alice_is_here: i just hated the challenge :p
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, there are four people here. What would you say to Diane, Zayden, and Kiyle. The others who comprise the final 7?
Wallace: I'm confused by what you are asking
Jeff_Probst: About not being here?
taro: me too
Felicity: you're forgetting betsy
Jeff_Probst: I am sorry if my questions are hazy tonight. Oops. Forgot about her.
taro: jeff is under stress due to finals after all, lol
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Wallace: I mean, I think its easter so its a little bit harder for everyone to be available tonight.
Jeff_Probst: Does their not being here affect their position in your game?
Wallace: I think it affects everyone's position.
Wallace: and as the game gets towards the end, its hard to know when the RI castaway will return
Jeff_Probst: Taro, is it hard to rely on these people to vote the way you need them to when they aren't around?
taro: absolutely
Jeff_Probst: So Felicity, this would seem like a reason to keep the people who are here around, right?
Felicity: definitly, it's easier to play with the people who participate. It's always a little uneasy coming to tribal with a plan
Felicity: and not knowing if everyone will be there to be part of it
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, who do you miss most who is no longer in the game?
Felicity: Kiyle. He was my ally from the first vote, so it stinks not having him around
Jeff_Probst: Taro?
Jeff_Probst: Wallace?
Jeff_Probst: Alice?
Alice_is_here: I miss Roger and Kiyle. I was really close with both of them
Alice_is_here: i miss having them around to talk to
taro: Adan, he's a brilliant player, he just got on the wrong side of certain people and thats what cost him his life
Wallace: The closest ally I had thats on the jury was Adan, but he tried to blindside me before he left...lol. but he was a good guy.
Jeff_Probst: How do all of you react to Kiyle's defeat on RI. It seems many of you were close to him and would have liked him back.
taro: with shock
Alice_is_here: I was really shocked
Felicity: I'm just shocked Diane signed on
taro: lol
Alice_is_here: lol
Wallace: I thought he was a huge competitor. I thought he had the challenges in the bag.
Alice_is_here: me too
taro: shcoked that Diane has signed on!!!
taro: lol
Jeff_Probst: Who would you all say hasn't been targeted yet. As far as you know of?
Felicity: betsy
Wallace: Its hard, I'm sure everyone's name comes up, but betsy might be the one that no one has actively tried to vote out.
Alice_is_here: i agree with that
Jeff_Probst: Why has she remain untargeted? It would seem with her blindside of Kiyle she would be a formiddable opponent.
Wallace: I think Betsy has just not been around enough to even be a target.
Wallace: I mean she makes a huge move and everyone is like "omg wtf" but then you never see or hear from her again
Felicity: It's also unlikely she has another HII
Felicity: and she never signs on to win challenges
Jeff_Probst: So would you say her UTR Goddess strategy is working for her; at least the way she plans it?
Wallace: yeah, the strategy is working, I mean...she's still here
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Wallace: but I'm not sure if that move is enough for her to win the rest of the game. I mean will a jury respect someone who has remained for the most part...inactive?
Jeff_Probst: Taro and Alice, your thoughts?
taro: i dont think most people respect Betsy's strategy
Jeff_Probst: Does that include you?
taro: so if she were to make it to the final, i think its unlike she would win
taro: u have to do what works for u
taro: if the "sandra" strategy is your best option, by all means go for it
Alice_is_here: I think her target will rise
Alice_is_here: at some point everybody has to become a target
taro: i just dont respect it
Jeff_Probst: So I have a big question.
Jeff_Probst: For all of you.
Jeff_Probst: Knowing who the first four jury members are.
Jeff_Probst: Who do you think has a chance to win here. NO ANYONE OR EVERYONE ANSWERS.
Jeff_Probst: Right now, this instant.
Wallace: Zayden
Felicity: Betsy or Zayden
taro: zayden
Alice_is_here: Betsy or Zayden
Jeff_Probst: So would I be right in assuming either of them are targets tonight?
Wallace: yeah, I don't think any of us would say anyone who is here anyway
Jeff_Probst: Has the game lost speed with some of the more active players gone/do you regret ejecting them before others
Alice_is_here: well I've been pretty clear with people that I didn't really want to do that but u have to do certain things to stay in the game
Alice_is_here: and kiyle, wasn't any of us
Wallace: I don't regret it. I wouldn't be wearing the immunity necklace right now if I had to compete against some of the people who are now on the jury
Jeff_Probst: Taro?
Jeff_Probst: Felicity?
Felicity: The active players were the ones either actively trying to get me out, or were going to try down the road
taro: the game is always fast pace, even with inactive people
Felicity: So, I don't regret it. I feel bad, but it was the best for my game
Jeff_Probst: All right. I did ask the jury what questions they would ask if they could and that was essentially what tonights tribal was centered around.
Jeff_Probst: I hope the jury got some answers they needed.
Jeff_Probst: Lets vote.
Jeff_Probst: All right.
Jeff_Probst: ZAYDEN
Jeff_Probst: ZAYDEN
Jeff_Probst: BETSY
Jeff_Probst: BETSY
Jeff_Probst: The person who will challenge Diane at Redemption Island this week....
Jeff_Probst: ZAYDEN
Jeff_Probst: Surprised he never sent me a vote...
taro: pulled a tyson apparently
Felicity: haha
taro: voted himself out by not voting!
Jeff_Probst: normally does... In any case, Zayden is gone. Hope everyone has a strategy to get through to the final 2. You are all so close.
Jeff_Probst: good night.
Wallace: night everybody
taro: night
Felicity: nighty night!
Wallace: ps: any word on when we can expect someone back from RI?
Kiyle has left.
Alice_is_here: i guess not :p
Wallace: lol. worth a shot.
Jeff_Probst: my lips are sealed
Wallace: alrighty...guess we will have to wait and see
Wallace: see you guys later.
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