Immunity Challenge #11

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Immunity Challenge #11 Empty Immunity Challenge #11

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:36 am

You have joined room: Immunity
Welcome to our live chat room!
Betsy has joined.
Betsy: hey!
Jeff_Probst: Waitin on everyone...
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Betsylicious: =]
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Betsylicious: Hey zay zay! i know ur on the jury and cant speak, but i shuld warn u
Betsylicious: tonights tribal will be super epic
Betsylicious: shhh! dont tell any1! hehehe
Zayden: :-)
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Jeff_Probst: ....
Jeff_Probst: 2 minutes left
Jeff_Probst: I will begin this one very very promptly.
Jeff_Probst: All right. The time is now. Tonight will be a night of many things.
Jeff_Probst: You are all down to five players. The boundaries of relationships will be tested in this last week or so.
Jeff_Probst: The jury will examine you very soon.
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Jeff_Probst: Immunity will be a quick shot one
Jeff_Probst: A Redemption Island castaway will rejoin the game
Alicescomputersucks: Will we need screenshots?
Jeff_Probst: but only after just one more person joins Diane and Zayden.
Jeff_Probst: Nope.
Jeff_Probst: No screenshots necessary.
Alicescomputersucks: Cool
Jeff_Probst: So the RI duel will consist of three people.
Jeff_Probst: the two who lose will be out. The winner will return to the game.
Jeff_Probst: Sound like an exciting night?
Felicity: yes!
Alicescomputersucks: Yep!
Wallace: craziness
Jeff_Probst: All right, who is ready for immunity?
Wallace: I am
taro: here
Felicity: I am!
Jeff_Probst: It is a crossword of trivia from Malawi and TV
Jeff_Probst: you can't really fill it in online but regardless. Send me in your confessional, the answers to each question.
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Jeff_Probst: First to correctly answer all of the questions.
Jeff_Probst: Will win this VERY cruicial immunity
Jeff_Probst: Without further ado...
Jeff_Probst: go!
Jeff_Probst: Remember! Answers go in your confessionals!
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Alice: can u post the link again?
Jeff_Probst: FELICITY submitted hers. However after a review I discovered she was missing a question.
Jeff_Probst: She submitted the answer to that question, however it was 30 seconds after Wallace posted his answers
Jeff_Probst: I will now review his. If he has them right, he will win immunity
Betsy_Goddess has joined.
Jeff_Probst: Wallace missed an answer! I will go check Felicity's second try. Betsy has submitted hers after this if Felicity gets it wrong.
Alice: I submitted too!
Jeff_Probst: Alice is after betsy
Wallace: I already edited that answer Jeff, right after I posted
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, I am afraid that
Jeff_Probst: "Best Survivor player of all time" was a direct reference to Russell saying it every 10 minutes
Jeff_Probst: hence the quotes
Alice: oh
Alice: GRATZ!!!
Felicity: thank you! =]
Wallace: oh gotchya. congrats felicity
Jeff_Probst: See you all at tribal council in five minutes.
Felicity: thanks ya'll!
Jeff_Probst: Head back to camp
Betsy_Goddess: =]
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