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Jeff_Probst: escaping
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Wallace: I don't think I had any allies all over the board. I wasn't talking to everyone, so I think those few that I did form an alliance with trusted me
Wallace: I proved that I would be someone loyal in the endgame
Jeff_Probst: Felicity. You know I like to pick on you right? Guess what I am about to ask.
Felicity: haha, go ahead JEffrey
Jeff_Probst: Felicity. This is your third win right?
Felicity: Yes sirrr
Jeff_Probst: So how are you still here? The game is literally almost over and tonight is one of the first times I believe you felt you were in danger.
Jeff_Probst: No one has targeted you despite your dominance in these challenges.
Jeff_Probst: Do you think they are waiting until RI is void so you have no chance back?
Felicity: Honestly, I don't know exactly what everyone is thinking. I feel like I have made really strong alliances in this game and that's what has kept me safe when there were no idols around
<adán.juror> sent sound: hehe
Felicity: that and the fact that I've oissed off a few people lol
Felicity: pissed*
Jeff_Probst: Betsy said that you have hand-picked a lot of the boots. This true?
<kiyle.juror> sent sound: atchu1
Felicity: jeeze, rowdy jurry tonight... I have had a big say in who went home when, yes
Jeff_Probst: Betsy said that Kiyle was the one who really held all the power. Do you believe it was he or you running the show a few weeks back?
Jeff_Probst: One word answer please.
Felicity: Both
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, do you agree?
Felicity: We worked together
Wallace: yeah
Jeff_Probst: All right. I have a question from the jury. Taro.
Jeff_Probst: Who are you the closest with? Are you really that bad at challenges? Is the "Schemer" tag still present?
taro: lol
taro: thats a fun question
taro: the truth is
taro: iv'e made close bonds with everyone
taro: and that why i think i've stayed in the game this long
taro: and yes i do suck at challenges
taro: i dont like spending to many hours indoor in front of a computer
Jeff_Probst: Taro...it seems like everytime I ask you a question you refer back to having close bonds with everyone.
Jeff_Probst: Felicity. You close with Taro?
taro: because its true
Felicity: Taro and I have bonded a lot, I think he's very personable
Jeff_Probst: Wallace?
Wallace: Yeah. Taro and I have been together since the beginning. he is a good person.
Jeff_Probst: Alice?
Alicehateshercomputer: I believe so
Jeff_Probst: So Taro, is you are so close with everyone. Why is Betsy labelled as the best of this game by all of you? How come it isn't you. Kiyle was targeted for the exact same reason
Jeff_Probst: You tout around as being your strongest asset.
taro: i suck at challenges, i wont win immunity
taro: kiyle was a challenege beast
taro: thats the diff
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, are you as confident in your relationships?
Rojer.Juror: ...
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Wallace: yes
Jeff_Probst: Alice, have you promised anyone left in the game final two?
Alicehateshercomputer: nope
Jeff_Probst: Felicity?
Felicity: my final two got the boot a while ago
Jeff_Probst: Wallace?
Wallace: no one talks about the 'Final 2'
Wallace: at least not to me
<adán.juror> sent sound: gun-fight
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Jeff_Probst: How much does that concern you?
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Wallace: its very concerning. its why I said I felt like I was on the bottom earlier.
Jeff_Probst: Would you be afraid of competing against Diane and Zayden if it was you tonight?
Wallace: yeah. definitely. I think everyone is. Zayden has always been good at challenges, and Diane as obviously won before
Jeff_Probst: I have a question for everyone here. Is there someone amongst the five of you(betsy included) that may wind up at the end undeservedly due to a "goat" status?
Alicehateshercomputer: if u get there u deserve it. This is a crazy game and if u can make it past all this crap u derserve to be there
Alicehateshercomputer: thats what I think
Felicity: true that girl
taro: no one here is goat, thye've earned their spot here, regardless if u like their strategy or not
Wallace: I think someone perceived as a goat could end up the biggest threat at the end. the game constantly changes.
Jeff_Probst: With that. Lets vote.
Felicity: my computer is about to die, so if I randomly sign off that's why lol
Jeff_Probst: All right. Lets read the votes. if someone has the idol now is the time to play it.
Jeff_Probst: i would like to play the idol fo wallace. i did my best 2 get evry1 to target me but i feel like they might change their minds last second. i hope i dont end up lookin stupid but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do
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Jeff_Probst: i hope i dont end up lookin stupid but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do
Jeff_Probst: That was Betsy.
Jeff_Probst: I'll read the votes,
Jeff_Probst: First vote: Wallace. Does not count.
<kiyle.juror> sent sound: babygiggle
Jeff_Probst: Second vote: Wallace. Does not Count.
Jeff_Probst: Third Vote........
Wallace: oh snap
Jeff_Probst: B-E-T-S-Y.
Jeff_Probst: Next vote: Taro.
Jeff_Probst: The last person who will get a chance to compete on Redemption Island....
Jeff_Probst: Taro.
Felicity: wow
Wallace: sorry taro, but you went after me first
Jeff_Probst: The RI challenge will happen shortly. It will be public as well for everyone who wishes to watch.
Alicehateshercomputer: ow
Alicehateshercomputer: *wow
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Jeff_Probst: All right. Everyone head back to camp. Redemption Island will go public momentarily. Afterwards the challenge link will pop up.
Jeff_Probst: Viewers can spectate their.
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Jeff_Probst: Zayden VS. Diane. VS. Taro.
taro: will the challnege take place here
Jeff_Probst: Nope. A new link will be on RI shortly.
Jeff_Probst: Head back to camp everyone.
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adán.juror: /:
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Rojer.Juror: That was awesome!
Rojer.Juror: Betsy FTW!
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