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Jeff_Probst: Score the most points before you run out of time. Thats basically it. You have until 8:45.
Jeff_Probst: The game takes 2 mins so this gives each of you 4 or 5 tries likely.
Jeff_Probst: GO!
Zayden: post screenshot in confessional?
Jeff_Probst: yes/
Jeff_Probst: Anyone interested in seeing Taro, Diane and Zayden on the boot banner before they are assigned placements should look at Malawi while it is there.
Jeff_Probst: Taro kicks us off with his first score posted. Without saying anything(suspense) let us say that Diane and Zayden have some work cut out for them!
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, does it concern you that at this moment, Taro stands the best chance of returning?
Wallace: Taro is obviously angry at me. But no, I'm not concerned. Like I said, I have proof that he was targetting me first. he's upset that I took him out before he could take me out.
Jeff_Probst: Diane has submitted a score! Taro is still in the lead!
Wallace: I mean he's done the same thing to people.
Jeff_Probst: Alice, you agree? I mean you came back from RI and proved you could make it work with people who had turned their backs on you before?
Roger.Juror: Come on Zayden!!
Jeff_Probst: Do you think its smarter to come back in the game and put everything aside as opposed to getting back in the game angry?
AHodge: It really depends on the situation
Jeff_Probst: Taro improves his score! A lot of work cut out for Zayden and Diane!
AHodge: what I did when I came back turned out to be the best for me
AHodge: but with so little people left it's about more than just feelings
Jeff_Probst: 5 minutes left!
Jeff_Probst: Zayden needs to get IN THIS!
Diane: this game is really hard with a keypad
Jeff_Probst: 2 mins left!
Zayden: i posted
Zayden: in confessional
Jeff_Probst: You are doing a great job Diane.
Jeff_Probst: Zayden is on the board! Is it enough though?
Zayden: this is hard with a laptop....
Zayden: and no mouse :-)
Jeff_Probst: I design these challenges without knowing your situations. Therefore any disadvantage is random and natural.
Jeff_Probst: Sort of like if someone sprained their ankle at camp.
Zayden: very true :-)
Jeff_Probst: TIME!
Jeff_Probst: We have a tie.
Jeff_Probst: between two people
Zayden: snap!
taro: please annouce that i finished last again
taro: ....
AHodge: ...
Jeff_Probst: ...........................................
Jeff_Probst: The first person out of this challenge and having reached the end of HIS Survivor: Malawi experience is...
taro: that was a joke
Jeff_Probst: Zayden.
Zayden: ouchies
taro: sorry man
Jeff_Probst: Its between Diane and Taro. They both got a score of 76.
Zayden: keypad doesnt work as well as a mouse
taro: i got 77
Zayden: off to the jury...
taro: jeff i got 77
Diane: Yes so did I!
Jeff_Probst: No. 76
Jeff_Probst: Both of your scores are in front of me.
taro: look again
Jeff_Probst: Taro you got a 66 and then a 76.
taro: i uploade the wrong link bbut it theere now 76
Jeff_Probst: Diane received...a 60 and then 76.
taro: u can see the time it was uploaded at on my computer
taro: 9:38 est
taro: score of 76
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Jeff_Probst: I can't see anything suggesting any thing but a 76 for either of you. You both will have to deal with a second challenge to break the tie.
taro: re-upload
taro: it says 76
Jeff_Probst: It is a challenge you both should be familiar with.
Jeff_Probst: It was introduced in this game early on and you both had a chance to compete.
Jeff_Probst: Whether or not you did is not my problem. That was your responsibility.
Jeff_Probst: So Diane, you will have a harder time catching up to Taro's experience. However its been a long time so who knows.
Zayden: good luck to both of you
taro: i suck
Jeff_Probst: Now getting back into this game can be a very confusing time.
AHodge: gl!!!
taro: she's not at i disadvantage
Diane: thank you
Jeff_Probst: there are some things you don't know
Jeff_Probst: some things have changed.
Jeff_Probst: It can all be a little......."disorienting."
Zayden: lol
AHodge: lol
taro: please no
Jeff_Probst: First to upload a screenshot with the game completed wins.
AHodge: wow
Wallace: ugh. is that even possible to win?
Zayden: am i allowed to talk to everyone before i sign off, jeff? even the people still in the game?
Zayden: as it works on the show?
Jeff_Probst: Go ahead. One final monologue before you join the jury.
Zayden: k
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Zayden: all i've got to say is that, I wish each and every one of you luck. Keep your wits about you and do what you've gotta do. I'll wait for you until finale night.
Zayden: No hard feelings about anything in the game, especially since i voted myself out of the game basically.
Zayden: see you!
Wallace: see ya Zayden
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taro: uploaded
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taro: is it good?
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Diane: uploaded
Jeff_Probst: Hold on both of you.
Jeff_Probst: I give you credit Taro. That was very smart of you. However cheating is cheating and reuploading your last picture from way back is not the same as winning.
Jeff_Probst: Diane wins REDEMPTION ISLAND!
Diane: Yippee!
<Kiyle> sent sound: applause
taro: had to try
AHodge: grats diane!!!!!
Wallace: wow
Jeff_Probst: Any final words before you go Taro?
Diane: thanks everyone
taro: yes
taro: u know i put my heart and soul into this game
taro: i truly formed bonds with the people i was playing with
taro: and to findout that the people you've protected put knife right in your heart hurts
taro: if i wanted to win this game
taro: i would have alligned with betsy and wallace
taro: i would of beat them easily in front of a jury
Roger.Juror: lol
AHodge: hmmm
AHodge: lol
taro: but i chose to go with the people i admire and respect has human beings
AHodge: thanks taro
Felicity: you're a sweetie =]
taro: if its on my account, so be it
<Kiyle> sent sound: boo-hiss
taro: love u guys!
Jeff_Probst: All right everyone.
Jeff_Probst: We have just a few tribals left.
Jeff_Probst: Diane, Felicity, and Alice. 3 Lomwe.
Jeff_Probst: Betsy and Wallace. 2 Tombuka.
Jeff_Probst: The numbers pretty much evened out.
Kiyle: when's the next tribal?
Jeff_Probst: Thursday.
Jeff_Probst: Who will win?
Jeff_Probst: 2 RI returnees, a woman who has angered some jury members, a man who has survived receiving more votes than any one else, or the girl who consistently makes big moves but is "UTR"?
Jeff_Probst: We will see in the next week or so.
Jeff_Probst: You all can head back to camp.
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