Immunity Challenge #12

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Immunity Challenge #12 Empty Immunity Challenge #12

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:59 am

You have joined room: Final_Five
Welcome to our live chat room!
Wallace has joined.
Wallace: hey do you think this challenge will go pretty quick tonight?
Alice has joined.
Jeff_Probst: It should.
kiyle.juror has joined.
Jeff_Probst: It is a timed 15 minute game.
Alice: sceenshots?
Jeff_Probst: Yes. Screenshots.
Alice: ugh :p okay lol
Felicity has joined.
Jeff_Probst: All right. Betsy has told me she is busy with house stuff tonight.
Diane has joined.
Jeff_Probst: So lets begin
Jeff_Probst: Tonights challenge is something very similar to an event on Survivor.
Alice: ok
Jeff_Probst: You will be competing in a maze.
Jeff_Probst: You have to beat the maze within fifteen minutes.
Jeff_Probst: Take a screenshot and upload it. If you do not complete the maze in fifteen minutes, you will be taken all the way back to the beginning again.
Jeff_Probst: got it?
Diane: yes
Alice: got it
Felicity: Yep!
Wallace: yup
taro has joined.
taro: hi
Jeff_Probst: this is the challenge they are doing
taro: thanks
adán.juror has joined.
taro: means u guys actually started on time for once!
Alice: damn this is hard
Roger.Juror has joined.
Jeff_Probst: roger, this is what they are doing,
Roger.Juror: Thanks!
Jeff_Probst: We have a winner.
Alice: nice job
<taro> sent sound: applause
Felicity: Woohoo! thank you =]
Wallace: nice job felicity
Jeff_Probst: All right. Tribal in five mins.
Felicity: thanks ya'll, that was tough!
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