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Lombuka Tribal Council #9 Empty Lombuka Tribal Council #9

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Welcome to our live chat room!
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Jeff_Probst: Lets begin.
Jeff_Probst: First off, Felicity this is your FOURTH TIME with the immunity. What gives?
Felicity: I really frickin needed it tonight, so I just did what I neeed to do
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, did Felicity need this tonight?
Wallace: Yeah. For sure. I'm kind of bummed that she won.
Wallace: No offense to Felicity or anything...
Jeff_Probst: Diane, word is that you have been saying some truly rude things around Lombuka lately. Would you like to give an example?
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Diane: I don't think I have been terribly rude Jeff, Alice has just been taking credit for Felicity's moves, and I think she's deluded
Diane: no offense or anything
Jeff_Probst: Alice, how do you respond to that?
Diane: Jeff, the only reason Felicity brought Alice into her alliance is because I was inactive, otherwise alice would be on the jury
Diane: she's awful, love you Alice
alice: she can say what she wants....
Felicity: wow...
kiyle.juror: ;O
kiyle.juror: *
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, is this true? Would you have kept Diane in over Alice?
Roger.Juror: wow
Felicity: I don't think that's true, but it's had to tell being as Diane started being inactive day 4
Felicity: hard*
alice: I said that I have taken part in moves in the game i'm not gonna follow anybody around like a sad puppy dog
Felicity: if she acted like she is now I would not have
Diane: you should be in one of those sarah machlan commercials with the sad puppies dearie
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, with Felicity winning immunity. Where does the target move to? There must be at least two options for tonight.
alice: can I just bring up the fact that the only reason I was voted out in the first place was because diane sent felicity fake messages and said they were from me
alice: i got voted out because of the game
Diane: it's this thing called strategy, hun
alice: not because of INACTIVITY
Wallace: um...should I let them sort this out, Jeff?
Diane: sorry I havefriends and your life doesn't have the same benefits
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Jeff_Probst: No. Keep going with tribal. It gives the jury more to look at.
Wallace: Alright, well the target has moved, but I'm not going to spell everything out
Jeff_Probst: Betsy said to me that if it wasn't Felicity than it would be a close call between Diane and Alice. Is that much true?
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Wallace: I've come to trust Alice more so...I really haven't talked much with Diane.
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Diane: let's vote out Alice
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, how do you respond to that?
Felicity: I would not like to see Alice go anywhere. If it was up to me tonight, Betsy would be going home
Wallace: and if it was up to felicity last tribal...alice would have been gone.
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Roger_Juror: lol
Diane: I like that plan
Diane: let's get rid of the little goth bitch now!
Diane: no offense sweetie
Felicity: sweet jesus...
Jeff_Probst: Alice, between a few players it would seem as though image has hurt your reputation. Do you think the assigned identities have messed with your game at all?
Jeff_Probst: Oh, and how do you fight for your life in a situation like this?
alice: i mean for the whole first part of the merger betsy wanted me gone cause she didn't like my picture
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kiyle.juror: lol
Diane: I like the picture, I think it fits her desperate personality
alice: and in this situation I trust certain people and I'm gonna hope for the best and maybe do some things to help my position in the game
Diane: it's a cry for attention
kiyle.juror: :ENTERTAINED:
Jeff_Probst: Wallace and Felicity, do you think this tribal has the chance to go anywhere(mentally) or is it basically just a vicious and cruel fight to stay alive?
Wallace: I thinks a fight to stay alive
Felicity: I think it's a fight to stay alive as well
Jeff_Probst: So Alice and Diane. I will give you a chance right here and right now. Why should you stay in this game?
Jeff_Probst: What can you give the others?
Diane: Well for one, I wont get to the final tribal and claim someone else's strategy as my own
Diane: cough cough*
Diane: and second
alice: people know where I stand. I've been loyal to everybody I said would be loyal to and I have shown no sign of wavering. Diane is WAY too much of a wild card and obviously she is quite bipolar
Diane: I'd be easy to beat
Diane: I'm not bipolar, I just don't trust people with so much damn makeup
Diane: and I have made it very clear that I am votingfor you
Diane: all they have to do e
Diane: is piggy back my vote
Diane: plus, it will weaken Felicity more
kiyle.juror: lololol
Diane: since Alice can't think for her own
Jeff_Probst: I think with that...we should vote.
Jeff_Probst: Alright I'll go tally the votes.
Jeff_Probst: All right. Once the votes are read the decision is final Person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately.
Jeff_Probst: Then they will become the 7th jury member.
Jeff_Probst: First Vote: "That bitch Alice"
Jeff_Probst: Second Vote: Alice.
Jeff_Probst: Third vote: Diane.
Jeff_Probst: Fourth vote: D-I-A-N-E.
Jeff_Probst: 2 Alice. 2 Diane.
Jeff_Probst: One vote left...
Jeff_Probst: The next person voted out of Survivor: Malawi and to become the 7th member of the jury is...
Jeff_Probst: "Di."
Jeff_Probst: Diane, pack your things up.
kiyle.juror: Surprised Surprised
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alice: sorry to see u go.........
alice: sweetie
Diane: bye guys, don't let that emo make it to the end
Diane: she might slit her wrists when she loses
Diane has left.
kiyle.juror: lolPWNT
Felicity: what a bitch
alice: she's a terrible person lol
Jeff_Probst: Head back to camp everyone. Congrats on becoming final four.

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