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Survivor: Malawi- Final Tribal Council Empty Survivor: Malawi- Final Tribal Council

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Wallace: because I didn't want you to mess up the plan.
Wallace: I needed to make sure you trusted me, and in doing so it got you voted out
taro: ?!?
Wallace: I downplayed my relationship with Betsy. If you thought I was doing something else you would have gotten the others to vote differently. I couldn't have that. I
taro: all i have say is you made one good move in this entire game and that was taking me out
taro: but then again u just road Betsy and Felicity on that one
Wallace: who are you to talk?
Wallace: what moves did you make?
Wallace: did you not ride thier coat tails as well?
taro: im not on trial here, my fellow jurors know how i played this game
Wallace: Taronoid, you my friend are a hypocrite.
taro: thats enough wally good game brother
taro: alice
Wallace: I blindside you and you freak out, we blindside other people and we high five.
Alice: yes?
taro: people have called u "easy to manipulate", a goat, u didnt stanbd up for yourself, didnt make any strategic moves
taro: i think with your performance tonight, you have dispelled those myths and did a great job in defending yourself
taro: and justifying yoru actions
taro: great job, u maneuvered yourself clearverly to get yourself where u are today
taro: great job
Alice: thanks
taro: good luck to the both of u, us jurors only have ourselves to blame for lettting you two get to the finals
taro: Adan i think your up
Alice: thanks Taro
Wallace: thanks buddy
Jeff_Probst: Alright! Adan!
adán.juror: Okay. so. Congrats and happy times! I don't wanna vote for either of you so this is a toss-up
adán.juror: No offense. Or do take offense if you want to..
adán.juror: I just wanna say.
adán.juror: I didn't try to blindside you Wallace like you said in your opening speech
adán.juror: We were supposed to vote Diane and I told you that. Then at the tribal they changed and basically said: Vote Wallace or die. And die I did not want to. Died I did anyway.
adán.juror: I have one question for Wallace though:
Wallace: k
adán.juror: You were in the bottom two at old Tombuka with me taro tai yasmin as the 4. If merge had been later and we'd lost what were your plans?
adán.juror: You were only after Betsy in the pecking order
Wallace: well pretty early on yasmin quit, so that moved me up on spot, and tai obviously became inactive. I was pretty confident that I could get Taro to trust me...
Wallace: ...which he did later in the game
Wallace: I had also been talking with Tai on the side, so even though you guys might have made that deal, I felt like I was in a pretty comfortable position...
Wallace: ...and would have been able to work my way into alliances like I did at the merge.
adán.juror: Nope you weren't and that was the wrong answer
adán.juror: sorry
Wallace: lol. well okay. but regardless that didn't happen. I mean what if their was never a merge? or what if muriel made it to the final 2?
Wallace: it didn't happen.
Wallace: I worked my way into a main alliance at the merge, got myself to the Final 2, and I think that pre-merge I would have done just as well.
Wallace: can't play this game on what ifs. sure I got lucky, but luck plays into this game.
adán.juror: Okay so Alice .. what to say? I tried to talk to you once and you wouldn't answer. That's okay but since we didn't talk it will be harder to vote for you. I also hate RI.
adán.juror: You're just making matters worse Wallace. My ego is huge and you're not playig it right at this point
adán.juror: I'm done anyway
Alice: can i respond?
adán.juror: yea
Alice: well as for RI, that's where the luck element came into my game. I was voted out for playing to strategically. and I was luck to have a chance to come back. Just like Wallace was lucky to have a merge
Alice: i to have a chance to come back. Just like Wallace was lucky to have a merge when he did.
adán.juror: Exactly
adán.juror: That's why in all fairness
adán.juror: luck should
adán.juror: ¨be the deciding factor in my vote
adán.juror: I think I'm done again
Jeff_Probst: Alright. Wallace then Alice. Final words.
Jeff_Probst: No more than 5 sentences
Jeff_Probst: Summarize the most important point.
Wallace: Alice first this time?
Wallace: oh nvm. guess it would be me. I'll go...
Wallace: First of all, I know that I
Wallace: I am no social butterfly I didn't make friends with everyone, but I knew that the people who did were targets (aside from maybe felicity).
Wallace: But I played this game. I knew what was going on. You can say "oh, but what if.." but that doesn't matter, because that didn't happen. I worked with what I had and at the end of the game...
Jeff_Probst: Alice.
Wallace: ...I set myself up for the Finals. I went agaisnt Felicity who, if I didn't, would have won this game. I won three immunities. I never got voted out.
Jeff_Probst: Alice!
Alice: I started this game playing hard. I got voted out for playing hard. and then I came back and got the end by playing hard by my own standards.
Alice: I think I have done a really good job at answering these questions. Yes I was voted out,
Alice: but I did make a comeback and got myself to this spot where in the end
Alice: everybody would bring me to the final 2.
Jeff_Probst: Thats 5.
Alice: plus I did win 1 immunity challenge!!
Jeff_Probst: Alright everyone.
Jeff_Probst: Final votes!
Jeff_Probst: Bring em on!
Jeff_Probst: 1 vote left to count.
taro: who's?
Zayden_Juror: mine
Zayden_Juror: sent
Jeff_Probst: Alright, I'll go tally the votes!
Alice: holy shit
Jeff_Probst: Ok, once the votes are read, the decision is final, we will have a winner of Survivor: Malawi
Jeff_Probst: First Vote: Alice
Jeff_Probst: Second Vote: Alice
Jeff_Probst: 3rd Vote: Alice
Jeff_Probst: Wallace
Jeff_Probst: "Waltsy"
Jeff_Probst: Wallace
Jeff_Probst: Thats 3 votes Wallace. 3 votes Alice. 3 votes left.
Jeff_Probst: "Alice"
Jeff_Probst: Wallace
Wallace: wow.
Jeff_Probst: 4 votes Wallace. 4 Votes Alice. 1 vote left.
Alice: wow
Kiyle: holy moly
Jeff_Probst: After 39 days. After more than a month of online fatigue. Your competitors have made a decision.
Jeff_Probst: The Winner of Survivor: Malawi...
Jeff_Probst: is...
Zayden_Juror: ...
Alice: ..
<Jeff_Probst> sent sound: applause
Jeff_Probst: WALLACE!!!!!!!
<Jeff_Probst> sent sound: applause
Kiyle: congrats
Roger_Juror: congrats
Wallace: holla
Alice: Grats!!!!!!!
Felbitchity: yay! I g2g but congrats Wally!
Zayden_Juror: congrats
Felbitchity has left.
<Roger_Juror> sent sound: applause
Diane has left.
Wallace: thanks, I knew it'd be close. congrats Alice.
Kiyle: now lets see everyone's confessionals!
Alice: thanks to whoever voted for me
Roger_Juror: YAY! @Kiyle
Jeff_Probst: Confessionals will remain closed to those who wish to leave em so.
Roger_Juror: Congrats Alice!!
Kiyle: ugh
Wallace: you can open mine.
taro: closed
Kiyle: open mine
Zayden_Juror: i don't care
Jeff_Probst: Other parts of the game will open up throughout the week.(Tribe camps will reopen etc)
adán.juror: yea, open mine aswell
taro has left.
Zayden_Juror: can we see torch dedication?

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