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Post  Felicity_Atkins on Wed May 18, 2011 7:52 pm

I don't know why the Admin hasn't released them yet, but here are the juicy ones. Word on the street is the Admin can't find any applicants for Nepal, so tell your friends about it.
Confessional #9

1. What are your immediate thoughts on the final 2?

They are both coattail riders who got extremely lucky. I deserve to be there, but oh well.

2. Would you have ever imagined it would be Alice and Wallace?

I imagined it, but thought it would happen? No.

3. Where does your vote begin to lean to?

Wallace. He won three immunity challenges, and even though he did whatever Betsy told him to I believe that he could think for himself. Alice could not. She was weak in challenges, and she fell into my trap. At the end of the day I kept her around because she was easy to manipulate.

4. Does one of them not deserve it?

Alice, she was the first person voted out and didn’t even have to fight anyone at RI

5. Why would either of them be bashed by the jury?

they did nothing
"Camp Crazy" (posted this on my own)

In the past couple of days, the game has changed entirely. I gave my idol to Betsy so that she'd get rid of Alice, but instead she got rid of Taro. This did not bother me until Diane came back into the game and decided I suppose, that since she has no shot at winning, she might as well stir the pot and try to get me sent home. That girl is absolutely nuts.

So as of now, if I don't win every immunity until the final two, I'm probably going home. Betsy and Wallace have decided I am too much of a threat to win the game, and they want me out.

I've always thought I had a good shot at winning regardless of who I pissed off because I've played the hardest game. Since the very first Lomwe vote I've been deciding who went home when any time there wasn't an idol involved.

Now that Taro is gone, Betsy is the only person I could see myself flat-out losing to. Alice would be hard to beat just because she hasn't pissed anyone off, but at the same time, she never even fought anyone at RI, and it's not like she made these epic game-changing moves when she got brought back in.

Then there's Wallace, who people from Tombuka like, but not only did he barely speak to anyone from Lomwe, he just road Betsy's coattails the entire way through the merge.

And then there's Diane, who not even the most bitter juror on earth would vote for if they respected the game. Diane has been absent 90% of the game after all. The only way I would take Diane to the end with me though is if it was between her and Betsy, otherwise, I want to take someone who deserves it.

As far as Betsy goes, she's like Sandra... and I love Sandra, so I know I would vote for Betsy if I ended up on the jury. It does aggravate me how little she participated in challenges and tribal, but she made the biggest move of the game when she sent Kiyle home, and I am eternally grateful she did.

So, wish me luck to winning tonight. I've worked too damn hard to get fifth place. Betsy and I are the only people left that haven't ridden coattails to get here.
Confessional 8

Taro told me today he wants Alice to be in the top 3 with us. PERFECT. I have a final two with both of them, and I have the best shot at winning against the two of them... Taro more so than Alice, but still. If the three of us can make it that far, I would forfeit the challenge so one of them would win, because that's how confident I am that

A. Taro has a crush on me, and

B. Alice knows a lot of people hate me.

I have words planned to help defend me against Alice however. I understand that I have no shot at getting Adan or Roger's vote, and probably not Zayden's if Alice goes up against me, but I feel like my strategic, social, and "physical" game trumps her's by a long shot.

I'm sure people don't think I have a social game, but how else would you think I've been able to control who went home for so long? It's not by having people hate me- and having a good social game doesn't necessarily mean EVERYBODY likes you, when that happens you risk getting blindsided like Kiyle.
Confessional 7

1. What was your reaction to Betsy playing the idol?

It was shocking as hell, because that clue was difficult! But all in all, I have to say that dreams come true because I wanted Kiyle gone and he went without me having to lift a finger. Perfect. If he loses at RI I officially have one jury vote.

2. How do things change without Kiyle?

They are better for my end game. I would have never won against him. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get rid of Taro without getting rid of Taro myself. Betsy is trying to figure something out with me, but again, I can't vote for him.

3. With a new idol coming into play soon, what's the strategy?

Find it.

4. How was the first endurance challenge?

Easy, I surely didn't want to win though. I sent in a low score because Jeff always freaking points me out as being this huge threat. Tonight he even called me a bitch. I don't think the Admin likes me very much...

5. Who NEEDS to get out of here?

Betsy is a wild card, with tonight's stunt she probably can't be trusted... but I also want Taro on the jury because he'd vote for me in the end, and right now I have a final two deal with him and Alice. Taro wouldn't win because he's too annoying to everyone, but with Adan and maybe Roger on the jury, my odds don't look fantastic right now.
Confessional 6

1. Tribal Council has had tougher questions lately. How do plan for those?

I answer to deflect all attention as best as I can. Jeff seems to really love pointing out how great I am in the challenges, and I can't do much to defend that. If he ever starts asking me about alliances or strategy, I'll tell him I'm not showing my cards.

2. Roger and Felicity had a big blow-out after the vote. How do you react to this?

I knew regardless of who I went up against I was never getting Roger or Adan's jury vote so it doesn't matter to me. He acted like a pathetic child when I schooled him tonight, and to be honest I loved seeing how pissed he was, what aggravated me was how he went about it.

I feel like my major problem is I am anticipating blindsides. Meaning, I got rid of Roger early enough to make sure he never even had the chance to start stringing together ways to get rid of me, which is important because he obviously would've flipped; the problem is, I got rid of him before he was going to, hence the outburst.

3. Kiyle was told he has mastered the social game. Does this make him a jury threat? How do you react to this?

Kiyle is totally a jury threat. He's had a great social game, and is so convinced that he is the best player here... I think he's actually convincing other people too. Kiyle's huge strategy flaw is the fact that he told everyone at tribal that's what his strategy was. I was just like "Hello? Do you want a target on your back?" I think I'm playing a better strategic game then Kiyle, he was being very foolish wanting to keep Roger around; I mean come on dude, Roger puts a huge target on your back labeling you "the social master", and you think he'd want to keep that around long?

4. Betsy suggested Felicity had the idol. Thoughts?

I don't.

5. Taro was shocked to find out he was deemed a "schemer." What do you think is being said about you when you aren't around?

Being as everyone is doing whatever I tell them, I don't know. I could assume what they are saying at RI. It probably rhymes with "Belicity is buch a sitch".

6. Who do you want to win at RI? Adan or Roger?

I hate them both. I'd rather Roger won, there's no way he could make a come back when he returns and I'd love to vote him out again.

7. Still having fun? Still willing to do another if the opportunity came up in the future?

Absolutely yes. I wish players were more active, but I love it.
Confessional 5

1. How does Adans removal change your strategy?

It doesn't because I told him he was going home, and he did. So him going doesn't mess up my strategy because that was part of it.

2. Will a Lomwe be leaving the game soon or will Tombuka continue being massacred?

Lomwe will most likely fall apart. Roger is a complete dummy, he had the majority vote and instead tried to turn everyone against it, so hopefully he's going next. Maybe I should just tell him he's going home... it seemed to work this time.

3. Who could you see becoming a F2 Goat?

Definitely Niel, Wallace, Diane. Well, okay not Diane because no one likes her, but Niel and Wallace haven't socialized with anyone as far as I know... and they kind of just go with the flow, so they aren't making any big moves.

4. Who do you dislike the most?

I don't REALLY dislike anyone. This is just a game after all, I even don't have a problem with Roger deep down.

5. How do 5-4-1-1 votes affect you personally in terms of tribal council suspense?

IT WAS CRAZY! I didn't know who the hell was going home!

6. What are your plans to (A: Stay on top)(B: Get on top)

I'm going to stay on top because I like the fact that whoever I say is going home ends up going home. I am going to make sure Kiyle, Niel, Taro, Betsy and I stay tight and wipe out the competition.

7. With another RI returnee to come, does it make you less inhibited? (IE: "If I get voted out because of this I can still come back!"

No! I definitely don't want to go to Redemption because I want to make it the end without getting voted out ever! Thus far, I still haven't had a vote cast against me, and it'd be cool if I could keep it that way. I feel like as long as I keep dictating the vote I can swing it away from me... but we'll see what happens.
"Unlimited Powwwaaa (Muhahahaha)"

but it will take a miracle for me to win. Kiyle, Taro, Niel, Diane, Roger, Alice, Zayden and Wallace (a.k.a. everyone left) are all willing to do whatever I tell them, because on some level I have an alliance with everyone. So, as it stands now, I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if I made it to the finals with everyone voting how I tell them to.

The problem is, starting with this next vote I'm going to have to start backstabbing someone, and I feel like that's one less vote I'll get every time. I still plan on sitting next to Kiyle in the final two because he's the first person I promised, but the way I see it that automatically gives him Adan, Alice, Roger and Zayden's vote. With Taro, there's no way I could vote him out and have him still vote for me.

I obviously am not giving up, because I have everything I need... I am just not sure what the right move is yet. One thing is for certain however; tomorrow night, I want a Lomwe going home.
Confessional 4

1. What are the current state of affairs for your gameplay? Weak spots, possible mistakes, allies etc?

My gameplay thus far has been rather risky, but has paid off up to this point. I have made a few boo boo's here and there, like getting my stories mixed up. My closest allies are Kiyle, Roger, "Taro", and surprisingly even Alice.

2. What are your long term goals for this game in terms of a boot order?

I would love if Adan was the next to go, being as I told him he was going to be and I consider myself a woman of my word (to some degree). After that, if I decided to keep Taro around, I think it'd be nice to kick off some extra fat on Lomwe (i.e. Diane and Niel). The ideal final three is still Kiyle, myself and.... Roger? Kiyle might be hard to beat, but he's my rock, and Roger..... I don't know whether I can trust him yet.

3. With the return of Alice, is your gameplay affected?

I thought it would be affected in a negative way, but I convinced Alice I was influenced to vote her off and that I was sorry, and after finding out we had a lot in common, I think she legitimately wants to stick with Lomwe. If she doesn't, it's back to Redemption for her.

4. Who is the most dangerous player in the game?

I am. I'm not trying to be cocky, but I have the vast majority of the tribe on my side, and every time I've gone to tribal council, the person I said was going to go home, went home. This time I'm saying Adan will go home. That is tentative, being as I really just wanted to be a bitch to him, but quite frankly, I'd love to see his little white hiney all alone on Redemption.

5. With a new idol in play, how does that change things?

It definitely makes me nervous being as I have such a big target on my back. I'm assuming Tombuka doesn't have it because it seems like they would have played it the other night, unless someone who didn't feel threatened has it. It's all hard to tell though.

Those are all the interesting ones. Hope ya'll enjoy <3

Remember, a lot of this is built up for drama, I don't hate anyone

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Post  Taro_Yuan on Thu May 19, 2011 2:03 am

Felicity_Atkins wrote:I have the best shot at winning against the two of them... Taro more so than Alice, but still. If the three of us can make it that far, I would forfeit the challenge so one of them would win, because that's how confident I am that
Pretty funny how both you and I would of forfeited the final immunity challenge given that we were both so confident that our final 2 agreements with the two others would of taken us to the end. I guess Alice is the only one that knows what would have happened in this scenario since she would of won immunity Smile

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Post  Taro_Yuan on Fri May 20, 2011 4:28 pm

I was kind of expecting some nasty and derrogatory comments directed my way, so I'm actually relieved by what I see. I always knew you were playing a Parvati-esque type of game and called you out on it on a few occasions. Btw loved the mind games we played on each other, made the game far more entertaining than I could of anticipated. Like you've said the experience really was a great escape from our often daunting and stressful responsibliites of everyday life. Thanks for the memories, even the unpleasant ones.. That last part goes for everyone.

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