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You have joined room: Tribal_1
Welcome to our live chat room!
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Taro_Yuan: bump
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Jeff_Probst: Give me 5 minutes for prep
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Kiyle: this tribal better be worth it
Kiyle: interrupting my show
Felicity: haha oh lordy boy!
Adán: what show?
Kiyle: vampire diaries of course <33
Adán: I've heard of those
Adán: before I had not, but now I have
Roger_Hahn: Jeff, do you know if Tai, Niel, Diane, Zayden and Betsy will arrive?
Adán: Did any, or all of them, cast a vote?
Taro_Yuan: or have they already cast their vote in private?
Jeff_Probst: Tai, Niel, Diane, Zayden and Betsy will NOT arrive
Wallace_Griffin: have any of them voted?
Jeff_Probst: Some have...some haven't.
Kiyle: oh boy
Adán: ah I see. It's a secret
Jeff_Probst: Are all of you ready to begin?
Roger_Hahn: Ready
Adán: I'm stoked
Felicity: yes!
Kiyle: yes sir
Kiyle: wait, i need my trademark font ^__^
Wallace_Griffin: yes
Kiyle: k
Jeff_Probst: Felicity you first
Jeff_Probst: What is the merge like?
Felicity: the merge has been insane!
Felicity: it's been great fun
Felicity: ut there has been so much sneakiness going on
Jeff_Probst: Are you a sneak?
Felicity: everytime you sign into the tribe chatroom
Felicity: it goes silent
Felicity: I try not to be!
Felicity: I want to play as honestly as I can!
Jeff_Probst: Adan, do think your new tribemates are playing honest?
Adán: No, I don't think so. Everyone is afraid of what they're going to tell people and whatnot
Jeff_Probst: Betsy, do you believe in honest tribe mates?
Jeff_Probst: Fucxk noi! beyotches b lyin and shiat!!!
Kiyle: lol
Wallace_Griffin: lol
Taro_Yuan: lol
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, do you agree that "beyotches b lyin and shiat?
Wallace_Griffin: Ya know, I really haven't talked much...with anyone. definitely no one from the other tribe
Wallace_Griffin: so I don't know, they could be. they haven't lied to me
Jeff_Probst: So do you feel isolated?
Wallace_Griffin: yeah. I mean I think its a bad sign when you are in a chat room and no one is talking in the main chat
Wallace_Griffin: but there are like 5 people logged in
Wallace_Griffin: people are talking...but I'm not hearing it
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle how do you respond to that?
Kiyle: well I def agree.. like if i were to log into the chat an hour after this everyone would say hi and all that but they'd go right back to private chat
Kiyle: but we all do it so...
Jeff_Probst: Taro are there deals underway>
Taro_Yuan: its hard to say, u never know if there are pre-existing alliance from our old tibal lines
Jeff_Probst: Diane how do you respond?
Jeff_Probst: Well I considered many things and roads but I ultimately decided sticking with Lomwe was the best choice for my game. I may not need them later but right now I do need my tribe. Sorry guys.
Jeff_Probst: Roger how do you respond to that? She may not need you later.
Roger_Hahn: I don't really understand what she wants to say. Or in a way, I do. But I think most people have moved on from old discussions and formed strong bonds.
Roger_Hahn: I hope she doesn't mean it this way though.
Jeff_Probst: So Diane are there new people you like?
Jeff_Probst: Adan is a great guy. I could see myself with him down the line.
Jeff_Probst: Adan how do you respond to that?
Adán: I'm flattered!
Jeff_Probst: That it? No ideas cross through your mind?
Adán: Before we know about the tribal lines, no
Jeff_Probst: Alright everyone, I am sure you are very curious about immunity
Jeff_Probst: Well here is the problem
Jeff_Probst: Cheating may or may not have been afoot
Kiyle: dun dun dun
Jeff_Probst: To curb this we will play a very simple numbers game
Jeff_Probst: It will take no more than a minute
Jeff_Probst: I need one person to volunteer not to play first.
Adán: me
Adán: I volunteer
Jeff_Probst: Adan I will ask you to choose a random # and send it to me via PM
Jeff_Probst: DO NOT tell anyone what it is
Adán: So the IM is void now? that's unfair, I practiced for I don't know how long
Adán: okaj..
Adán: IC
Adán: one digit number?
Jeff_Probst: 2 or 3 digits please
Adán: I sent it
Jeff_Probst: Everyone you have 10 seconds to pick a number between 1-999
Jeff_Probst: HERE
Wallace_Griffin: 256
Roger_Hahn: 588
Taro_Yuan: 6
Felicity: 271
Jeff_Probst: TIME UP
Jeff_Probst: Adan what was your number
Kiyle: crap
Adán: 11
Roger_Hahn: What?
Roger_Hahn: ok!
Jeff_Probst: Moving on now
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle what are your long term plans?
Kiyle: go with the flow
Kiyle: you need my vote? ok that's who it is
Kiyle: as long as it aint me
Adán: wait, I asked for how many digits therw weas supposed to be, and you said 2 or
Adán: 3
Adán: so I said 11
Jeff_Probst: Yes but I said a number between 1-999
Jeff_Probst: I asked for a 2 digit number so there would be a very large array to choose from
Jeff_Probst: Taro who is someone you have caught in a lie?
Taro_Yuan: what do u mean, your talking about the game now or this iummunity challenge?
Jeff_Probst: The game.
Taro_Yuan: people sometimes act shifty, but i haven't caught anyone in an outright lie as of yet
Jeff_Probst: Roger is anyone lying?
Roger_Hahn: I don't think so. Like Taro, some people aren't clear but not lying
Roger_Hahn: Like Taro said I mean
Jeff_Probst: Wallace is this vote very cut and dry
Wallace_Griffin: no, I don't think so. I mean if it were up to me I'd like to take out people who haven't been as active..
Wallace_Griffin: but I don't think that will happen. I think there are probably "bigger targets" that peopel are going after
Jeff_Probst: With that, lets get to the vote. Everyone knows how it works. But first
Jeff_Probst: any one who wants to play an individual immunity idol
Jeff_Probst: now is the time
Adán: I want to
Jeff_Probst: You cannot vote for Adan tonight
Felicity: I am going to play my idol Jeff!
Felicity: for Kiyle
Jeff_Probst: Risky business.
Jeff_Probst: You cannot vote for Kiyle
Kiyle: well madam i do say i am flattered
Jeff_Probst: You cannot vote for Adan
Jeff_Probst: PM me with your vote and why
Jeff_Probst: I'll go tally the votes.
Jeff_Probst: If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, play it now if you wish.
Jeff_Probst: All right, I'll read the votes.
Jeff_Probst: First vote: Tai
Jeff_Probst: Second Vote: Tai
Jeff_Probst: Third Vote: Tai
Jeff_Probst: 3 votes Tai.
Jeff_Probst: Next vote: Zayden
Jeff_Probst: Zayden
Jeff_Probst: Zayden
Jeff_Probst: Its a tie. 3 votes Tai. 3 votes Zayden. 4 votes left
Jeff_Probst: Tai
Jeff_Probst: Tai
Jeff_Probst: The 3rd person voted out of Survivor: Malawi...TAI XUAN! The last vote will remain a mystery.
Jeff_Probst: Grab your torches and head back to camp.
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Jeff_Probst: Go back to camp
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