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You have joined room: Lombuka_Tribal
Welcome to our live chat room!
betsy has joined.
betsy: yo wtf?
Jeff_Probst: Hey Betsy.
Taro has joined.
Kiyle has joined.
Kiyle: so much red
Taro: i agree
Taro: whats up with that
Taro: it hurts the eyes..
Roger has joined.
Roger: Wow, red!
Felicity has joined.
Felicity: turns out I made it
Felicity: my english group is so flakey...
Jeff_Probst: Its red because I needed to scare all of you.
Jeff_Probst: Red=Fire.
alice_hodge has joined.
Felicity: I love it!
alice_hodge has left.
Taro: black would have been better
Jeff_Probst: Ouch. Sounds like a personal attack. Maybe next time it will be black.
betsy: yo jeff! I b leavin soon so jus so u no my vote b in my secret confeshfesh like u askd
Adán has joined.
betsy has left.
Jeff_Probst: 5 mins left.
alice_hodge has joined.
alice_hodge: hey
Zayden has joined.
Jeff_Probst: Actually lets just start since this is everyone who planned on making it for sure.
Jeff_Probst: Adan, I thought for sure you would win immunity. You were right in there with Kiyle and Zayden every round. What was it like being that close?
Adán: I didn't know the answer and when I tried to look it up, I messed up. But it's okay. I didn't know the last question anyway
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle, you were really close as well? Thoughts?
Kiyle: im upset i lost, i thought i had it but when i clicked over zayden already won
Kiyle: i was bummed
Jeff_Probst: Alice, you were out first due to computer trouble. How much of a disappointment was that>
alice_hodge: it sucks of course!
alice_hodge: when it comes to trivia I'm ususally pretty good
alice_hodge: so it was disappointing for sure
Jeff_Probst: Thus far in the game, you have been the only one on RI. Do you want to explain to the others what that was like for a second?
alice_hodge: it was incredibly boring. Basically i was able to talk to myself and nobody else. It was really hard
Jeff_Probst: How does it feel to be back here?
alice_hodge: It's awesome! I got a second chance and I couldn't be more excited. I just hope I'm not voted out right away again
Jeff_Probst: Taro, was the thought around former Tombuka members that you could just reel Alice in since Lomwe didn't want her?
Jeff_Probst: ?
Taro: Not at all, I think people will just vote with whoever they trust, its all about building meaningful relationships with the people u live with dat to day
Jeff_Probst: Roger are there still tribal lines?
Roger: Of course. But now, there's also more than this. We are one tribe, wether you like it or not. So there are other reasons to vote somebody out than tribal lines.
Jeff_Probst: Felicity you have labeled an enourmous challenge threat based on your participation in just the few challenges we have had. For instance the one you almost singlehandedly won for your tribe.
Jeff_Probst: Do you think you would do well on RI?
Felicity: I sure hope so, I mean I don't consider myself terribly computer savvy but I do what I can to help get me and my alliance further
Jeff_Probst: Well just so everyone knows, I will answer the big question here and now.
Jeff_Probst: The person voted out tonight will find themselves on Redemption Island.
Jeff_Probst: Zayden does that change things?
Zayden: absolutely
Zayden: there's still another future returnee out there, and its one of us
Zayden: that thought makes you consider your moves more carefully
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle, if you were on the jury, would you vote for a RI returnee to win the game over someone who never was voted out?
Kiyle: it depends on who played the better game, if you got voted out and started kicking ass all the way to the finals then yea i might vote for you
Jeff_Probst: Felicity?
Felicity: finitely depends Jeff, I mean it is easy to say since they never got voted out they are better
Jeff_Probst: Roger?
Roger: I think it depends, too. The circumstances of their elimination are big factors.
Jeff_Probst: Adan, Zayden and Taro. Your thoughts on that situation?
Zayden: It depends on how long the person lasted on redemption island
Adán: It would factor in, but I can't say anything for sure
Jeff_Probst: Taro?
Taro: At the end of the day I'm voting for people I like and treated me with respect
Jeff_Probst: Alice how does all of this factor into your game?
Taro: that could be someone a RI returnee for sure
alice_hodge: I just have to hope that people realize my game starts right back at the beginning again so i'm still going to try my hardest and hope I don't have to go back to that hell hole
Jeff_Probst: I had a lot more to ask.
Jeff_Probst: However that is a great statement to lead us into the vote.
Jeff_Probst: You know how it works.
Jeff_Probst: Get to it.
Jeff_Probst: I'll go tally the votes.
Jeff_Probst: All right. Once the votes are read the decision is final.
Jeff_Probst: Person voted out will be sent to Redemption Island immediately and have a chance to get back in the game
Jeff_Probst: First Vote: ALICE.
Jeff_Probst: Second vote: Diane.
Jeff_Probst: Third Vote: Adan
Jeff_Probst: Fourth Vote: Wallace
Jeff_Probst: 1 vote Adan, Diane, Alice, Wallace.
Jeff_Probst: Next vote: Wallace
Jeff_Probst: Next Vote: Adan
Jeff_Probst: Next Vote Wallace
Jeff_Probst: Next Vote Adan
Jeff_Probst: 3 votes Adan. 3 Votes Wallace. 1 Vote Diane. 1 Vote Diane.
Jeff_Probst: Another vote for Adan
Jeff_Probst: Another vote Wallace
Jeff_Probst: 4 Adan. 4 Wallace. 1 Diane. 1 Alice.
Jeff_Probst: 1 Vote left.
Jeff_Probst: The next person to be eliminated from Survivor: Malawi and sent to Redemption Island is..................
Jeff_Probst: A-D-A-N.
Adán: good gameplay jerks, now I will look like a jerk to a friend
Adán: ah well
Felicity: thesthank the lord
Roger: What?
Felicity: oops wrong sorry
Adán: and I hope you loses hard Felicity
Adán: very soon
Felicity: sorry Adan my pm's suck
Jeff_Probst: Adan. You will have a chance to get back in this game soon. Grab your bag and head back to Redemption Island.
Felicity has left.
Jeff_Probst: As for the rest of you. What I witnessed tonight was a change of plans very different from what was in your confessionals all week
Jeff_Probst: If anything was learned here
Jeff_Probst: It was that sometimes changing plans last minute really doesn't change anything.
Jeff_Probst: Head back to camp.
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