Treemail #1: The 10 Rules

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Treemail #1: The 10 Rules Empty Treemail #1: The 10 Rules

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:56 am

1. All Castaways must understand that this will be a 39 day(figuratively) adventure. You must prepare to make the commitment to this game that is necessary and remain an active part of the experience.

2. As such, all Castaways are to make at least 5 public(in tribal forum) posts a day. As there is a 10 second wait-limit between posts, this bare minimum only represents about 5 minutes of real-life time. This is to contribute to group awareness, personalities, and to drive Castaways to talk to more people than they may were no such rule enforced. Failure to participate at all/inactivity is prohibited and will merit expulsion from the game. Alternates will be at hand to join the game up to and through the first tribal council.

3. Castaways must compete for immunity. If they do not, they must let the Admin know ahead of time.

4. Be polite. While a common swear will go unnoticed, hate speech will not. This is grounds for expulsion.

5. All Castaways must keep up with their confessionals. This means posting game-plans, strategies, alliances, goals, and thoughts that are up to date in your "Secret Room" often. If the Admin requests extra information you must provide it(such as private messages). This is to make it more fun for the Admin's hosting the game and not enjoying the ability to participate. Nothing you say in the "Secret Room" will be used against you. All questions directed at Castaways in the "Secret Room" will be the same. This way the Admin cannot harm the game plays of the Castaways.

6. Castaways must attend every tribal council unless they have notified the Admin ahead of time. In this way, all votes can be counted and applied. This is for fairness.

7. Castaways must notify the Admin if they are able to access parts of the forum they shouldn't be able to. For instance, if a Tombuka can access the Lomwe forum, they must notify the Admin. In this way tribal lines can remain stiffly guarded until the merge. It is also important Castaways not talk to players not of their own tribe. If you are caught doing this you will receive a penalty vote at the next tribal council. All players will be notified of your penalty vote as well, which may lead to a surprise vote-off. Remember, you can talk to them at the merge when you are on the same tribe, until then, you can be punished.

8. Castaways will be assigned an identity. This is to prevent Castaways who may know each from forming easy bonds. All players are to compete as initial strangers. Violating this rule by revealing your true identity to another player will result in a penalty vote at tribal council.

9. If two players are caught on the same IP Address, they will be asked to explain themselves. After a trial by the Admin, one will be expelled from the game. This is to prevent one person to create a voting bloc by themselves.

10. Do not disrespect the Admin. Hosting this game is difficult work and a process in its own. If you have suggestions, complaints, or comments, kindly lodge them in your "Secret Room."

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