Immunity Challenge #8

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Immunity Challenge #8 Empty Immunity Challenge #8

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:02 am

Jeff_Probst: k
You have joined room: Immunity_Again
Welcome to our live chat room!
Roger: Can I watch again?
Roger: thanks!
Roger: and please reply to my PMs someday
Betsy has joined.
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Jeff_Probst: I just did. I haven't been on
adán.juror has joined.
taro has joined.
Jeff_Probst: Hey ya'll
Felicity has joined.
taro: hi jeff
Wallace has joined.
Jeff_Probst: We will begin in 5 mins
Kiyle has joined.
Zayden has joined.
Felicity: it's good to see everyone =] I've missed the game lately!
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Zayden: hello everyone
Diane_Hopper: Hey you guys, I just want to let you know I have a lot of stuff tonight. I submitted my vote Felicity, Kiyle, and yeah...
Diane_Hopper: Got to go.
Diane_Hopper has left.
Felicity: wow....
Felicity: was she really online?
alice has joined.
Jeff_Probst: All right ya'll lets get this show on the road. I have a short final tonight to write-up so lets get diggity done
alice: ok
Jeff_Probst: I'll give you all a minute to be ready for screenshots. Tinypic and all
Jeff_Probst: You will need em tonight
Jeff_Probst: As for a small twist tonight. Kiyle and Roger will participate in the challenge
Jeff_Probst: If either of them get the best score, then no one at RI will go home tonight and the next duel will be the three-way thing that was on tonight.
Jeff_Probst: If they don't get the best score, than the one of them that does stays on RI. The other becomes the 2nd juror.
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle, Roger are you clear on that?
Kiyle: um
Roger: Yes
Kiyle: yea
Wallace: so if one of them gets the highest, does someone else still win immunity?
Jeff_Probst: Nope. You will all be vulnerable tonight. Its a small twist I thought of when reviewing the F.4 Immunity of Pearl Islands
Zayden: tricky...
alice: wow
Jeff_Probst: Everyone ready?
Zayden: sure
alice: yep
Roger: yeah
taro: k
Jeff_Probst: Ok, then without further ado...
Jeff_Probst: I will consider the first 5 people to turn theirs in as to adjust for computer speeds.
Jeff_Probst: The best score of those wins.
Jeff_Probst: I do however need all scores before 8:40
Zayden: so, we send you it as soon as we think we scored enough?
Jeff_Probst: Yep
Jeff_Probst: Well, beat the game.
Jeff_Probst: Thats when you get your score.
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Jeff_Probst: Wallace has finished! 4 spots left!
Zayden: how many levels are there
Wallace: not sure if mine is a good score or not...
Zayden: can we send our current score and not compelte all the levels
Jeff_Probst: Kiyle is in! 3 spots left!
Jeff_Probst: Felicity is in! 2 spots left!
alice has joined.
taro: uploaded
alice: uploaded
Jeff_Probst: All 5 are in.
Jeff_Probst: Due to there being only 4 scores I will start with 4th place.
Jeff_Probst: In 4th place, with 241 points...Alice.
taro: good job alice
alice: my score, u have to get the whole picture just drag it or copy and paste it
alice: thanks
Jeff_Probst: Tied for 3rd place is....Taro and Kiyle.
Zayden: a tie! wow
alice: gj
Jeff_Probst: With 246 points.
Jeff_Probst: In 2nd place....With 257 points...Wallace!
Jeff_Probst: The winner....Felicity with 263 points!
Zayden: wow! gj felicity and wallace
alice: great job felicity!
Wallace: dang. nice job felicity
Felicity: thanks!
Jeff_Probst: Felicity submitted two scores in that short amount of time so hats off to her!
taro: well done
alice: wow!
Jeff_Probst: See you all at Tribal Council in...lets say 10 mins?
alice: ok
Jeff_Probst: 8:45CST.
Felicity: okie doke
taro: ok
Zayden: ok

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