Immunity Challenge #13

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Immunity Challenge #13 Empty Immunity Challenge #13

Post  Admin on Thu May 05, 2011 5:59 am

You have joined room: immunity
Welcome to our live chat room!
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Jeff_Probst: Well, you all filed in quickly.
Jeff_Probst: Anyway, lets just hit the ground running
Alice: will betsy be here?
Jeff_Probst: No she messaged me earlier
Jeff_Probst: Screencaps tonight!
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Alice: NOOOOO!!!
Alice: lol
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Jeff_Probst: so everyone ready?
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Wallace: I am
Alice: yep
Jeff_Probst: Alright the challenge is simple
Jeff_Probst: It is a typing test
Jeff_Probst: it will challenge dexterity, speed, and ability
Jeff_Probst: i will give you a site link. you will then click "start typing test." the site is designed with a default test. that is the test i want you to take
Jeff_Probst: the more mistakes you make, the more it affects your overall score.
Jeff_Probst: so speed only gets you so far. this challenge is a quickie
Jeff_Probst: 1 minute.
Jeff_Probst: ready?
Alice: sure!
Felicity: yes
Wallace: so when do we all submit?
Jeff_Probst: I need all screenshots by 8:10
Wallace: so we can go a couple times?
Jeff_Probst: yes
Jeff_Probst: go
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Jeff_Probst: TIME UP!
Wallace: uploaded a second one Jeff
Alice: done
Jeff_Probst: I will now review all scores
Jeff_Probst: Felicity is out of the competition
Jeff_Probst: It is between Alice and Wallace
Alice: gl wallace
Wallace: woohoo!
Alice: congrats wallace!!!!
Felicity: congrats!
<taro> sent sound: boo
Wallace: thanks. all of those typing classes paid off.
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Alice: we don't have typing classes at my school lol
Jeff_Probst: Tribal in five minutes
Wallace: lol. sorry about that.
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Jeff_Probst: and dont worry
Jeff_Probst: in case of tie there is another challenge tonight
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