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Welcome to our live chat room!
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taro: bonjour
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Zayden: hello
alice: hey
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Jeff_Probst: Just to address everyones concerns. THE IDOL HAS BEEN FOUND!
Zayden: oooo
Felicity: wow
alice: wow
Wallace: what was the answer?
alice: ?
Jeff_Probst: "Scream 4"
Wallace: ...?
Jeff_Probst: It was on the banner earlier this week for an extended period of time.
Zayden: ooo
taro: yeah it was
alice: oh
Jeff_Probst: Alright lets do tribal
Jeff_Probst: First off! Felicity, would it be fair to call you a challenge goddess? Zayden, same question.
Felicity: Um, I don't think so. I have won just as many as Zayden.
Zayden: Obviously I'm not goddess... I couldn't even beat the last level of this one
Zayden: not a*
Jeff_Probst: Felicity you forget when you almost single-handedly won Immunity for the old Lomwe tribe.
Jeff_Probst: I think its fair to say the longer they keep you the more you will win.
Jeff_Probst: Zayden do you agree?
Zayden: It really depends on the challenge. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Being strong at challenges may mean that people see you as a threat. They might want to get rid of Felicity for that re
Zayden: They might want to get rid of Felicity for that reason, and me as well
Jeff_Probst: Felicity do you think they will want to get rid of you because of percieved challenge dominance?
Felicity: Idk Jeff, I think most people want to keep me around because I seem to piss so many people off
Jeff_Probst: Interesting...Taro who is calling most of the shots?
taro: i sure wish i knew, could be Betsy for all I know
taro: no one expected that last tribal i think
Jeff_Probst: Zayden is Betsy calling the shots?
Zayden: after last tribal, i honestly don't know. I tnink that we were all surprised, but the thought that someone might have been in on her plan scares me
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, was anyone in on Betsy's plan you think?
taro: i think the lomwe tribe still has a strong sphere of inluence on what happens though
taro: i mean if betsy we're working with others
taro: kyile would have certainly received more then 1 vote
Wallace: I think Betsy made a really risky move, and I assumed she made it on her own
Wallace: it is possible that she could have been working with someone though
Jeff_Probst: At this point...I must announce the RI battle is over. Roger is the 2nd Jury Member.
Jeff_Probst: Sorry for that interruption.
Zayden: ok
Jeff_Probst: Alice, how does that change things?
alice: These last two duels have been 2 beasts facing each other
alice: whoever wins these duels deserves it because all three Adan, Kiyle, and Roger are fantastic at challenges
Jeff_Probst: Hold on please.
Jeff_Probst: Sorry about that.
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, how are you feeling about your status in the game right now>
Felicity: I feel really mixed right now
Felicity: I feel mostly secure but I'm not sure whether that's a good thing at this point
Jeff_Probst: Alice, will the boot be unanimous tonight?
alice: i would hope so
alice: but you never know
alice: i can attest to that
Jeff_Probst: Taro, it seems like everytime things are expected to go one way here, it goes another. Why is that?
taro: actually that only happened last tribal because of the HII
taro: so i dont agree with u on that
Jeff_Probst: Wallace, how did you feel about Betsy's move last tribal?
Wallace: I think it showed Betsy is actually playing the game. sometimes we don't really take her seriously enough.
Wallace: that proved that she might be playing one of the best games here by pulling that off
Jeff_Probst: Felicity, does Betsy concern you?
Felicity: she definitely does, just because I think Betsy is a lot smarter than she let on in the beginning, or even still does
Jeff_Probst: Zayden, do you agree?
Zayden: absolutely! I've noticed the dissappearence of the confeshfesh, which means her game has gone up a level
Jeff_Probst: I have to acknowledge that is an observation I hadn't even noticed. Hats off!
Jeff_Probst: Moving on, Taro, looking forward to the end-game. Who has the best relationships of everyone left here?
taro: i know me and betsy were tight, zayden and alice seem tight
taro: i dont know where my relationship with betsy stands at this point
Jeff_Probst: With that, I have to eat=Lets vote!
Wallace: lol
Felicity: tell me about it
Jeff_Probst: Alright, I'll tally the votes.
Jeff_Probst: Diane
Jeff_Probst: Diane
Jeff_Probst: Diane
Jeff_Probst: Diane
Jeff_Probst: Nesxt person gone=Diane
Zayden: lol
Felicity: what a shocker...
Jeff_Probst: Not worth the time to make it exciting
Jeff_Probst: Peace
Zayden: food time!

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